Choosing Craft over Cheap

Posted by Jen from Moksha on Dec 16th 2020

Choosing Craft over Cheap

Stashing the finest? You are joining the craft chocolate revolution! Moksha luxury chocolate will NOT be found on the shelves with the mass-produced cheap chocolate. “Big chocolate” companies can do a lot to keep their margins high and prices low, something that small batch chocolate would not, and simply could not, do. Research a bit and you will see their political muscle and capital ruining vulnerable communities. Moksha believes in honest dealings that preserve land and livelihoods. It’s not just fine chocolate. Every righteous bite supports a new way of creating artisan chocolate and other foods that are conscious about their production. We hear a LOT (!!!) about supply chains lately, and ours is healthy and happy.

So, you should feel good eating it. (really good, but that’s another post; CBD chocolate is set to take off as the next indulgent and very natural elixir…)


If you read the fine print, know that a short ingredient list is a good indicator of the quality of the chocolate, like with other gourmet candy. Fine chocolate should contain a maximum of five ingredients. Avoid additives such as palm oil, soy lecithin, milk, vanillin, artificial flavorings, or sugar substitutes. Notably, palm oil is frequently harvested unethically and unsustainably, leading to deforestation and loss of animal habitats. Poke around a bit. You won’t find palm oil in Moksha chocolate, ever.

Moksha chocolate uses transparently sourced 100% organic ingredients in its CBD edibles and THC-free isolate chocolate candy in each version. Our white chocolate is actually vegan white chocolate. Hundreds of hours in the making, this luxury white cannabis chocolate project evolved into our market-busting and beautifully presented coconut raspberry “inclusion bar”. Then there's our vegan chocolate, particularly vegan dark chocolate, is where we started in our bean to bar chocolate shop, and the hemp chocolate naturally followed as we saw the tremendous interest that we have in our local lifestyle market growing quickly everywhere.

Chocolate lovers know that fine chocolate requires less sugar to mask the weak flavor of cheap cacao. Check out the labels of the mainstream bars. You’ll also see we don’t load ours up with sweetener. We think the single-origin Criollo bean that we use deserves for its profile to be distinct and appreciated. Do you ever indulge a little too much because you are waiting for the flavor to really kick in? That doesn’t happen with Moksha.


We want you to feel good about indulging. That’s why I decided to write this. Not every gourmet chocolate or mainstream product is going to come home with you again if a nibble turns into a serious dent in your treat stash, yet leaves you unsatisfied. And you look down and see palm oil on the empty wrapper and wonder about its provenance. But supporting Moksha’s farmers is the right step. Can we call it a chocolate ripple effect?

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