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Cacao ceremonies are everywhere these days and cacao has become the darling of superfood.  Whether you are interested in the practicing a cacao ceremony in a group setting, or enjoy drinking cacao in the the comfort of your home, Moksha 100% cacao will give you a wonderful clean boost of energy. Drinking cacao (also known as ceremonial cacao) is not hot chocolate. - think of it more like coffee. It has the rich dark nuanced flavors and terroir of  bean-to-bar craft chocolate.  Moksha 100% cacao paste is the ultimate superfood: it contains an abundance of theobromine,  a long-lasting stimulant and less jittery than caffeine. Plus cacao releases the joy-inducing chemical anandamide which helps connect and inspire people holding ceremony. Cacao is rich in antioxidants, magnesium and iron.

There are many ways to enjoy drinking cacao;  combine the cacao paste with water, milk, a milk alternative and your favorite sweetener as a nice alternative to afternoon coffee or gather your friends and host your own cacao ceremony.

Although there is no official definition for "ceremonial grade cacao" we believe that the cacao product can be labeled “ceremonial” if it is organic, ethically-sourced, and made from minimally processed from high-quality Criollo or Trinitario beans. We make our 100% cacao paste from Zorzal Cacao. The rich depths of the Zorzal Estate profile are perfect for drinking cacao; the palate starts with citrus fruits and ends with toasted almonds. Make your own our own recipe and send it to us for our next blog!

Tasting Notes: mild notes of citrus, nutty finish, toasted almond, satin chocolate, hints of cherry-berry, sparkly crisp texture, no bitterness.

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Moksha Chocolate is an artisan bean-to-bar chocolate factory and chocolate shop based in Boulder, Colorado. Moksha Chocolate specializes in small-batch craft chocolate, CBD chocolate (full-spectrum and isolate), adaptogen chocolate, as well as cacao nibs and cocoa powder. All of Moksha Chocolate is dairy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and made with minimal, transparently-sourced ingredients. Moksha Chocolate is available in classic dark varieties and unique vegan white combinations such as matcha green tea, raspberry coconut, and vegan milk chocolate. Each month chocolate maker Michael Caines releases a limited-edition bar that features locally sourced ingredients. 

Moksha Chocolate is hand-crafted in small batches with direct-trade cacao. Chocolate maker Michael and his wife Jen own a cacao farm in San Martin, Peru and work with a local cooperative to source their signature Criollo beans. This ensures the cacao profits return to the community that grow the cacao beans that go into Moksha chocolate.

Moksha's commitment to quality, transparency and unmistakable taste makes Moksha Boulder's premier artisan chocolate shop. Customers can shop or pick up orders at their factory in Boulder, or order directly from their website with expedited shipping.

Made with thoughtful ingredients:
100% cacao paste
This product was manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts.