Whiskey Barrel Aged 80% Artisan Dark Chocolate Bar

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Whiskey Barrel Aged 80% Artisan Dark Chocolate Bar

Dark chocolate fans of the world rejoice. This 80% bar is for "strong" chocolate aficionados. Our deepest bar yet at 80% uses nibs aged in oak bourbon whiskey barrels for three months! The whiskey flavor seeped subtly in the Criollo cacao beans.

Notable for only having TWO ingredients: the nibs we've been waiting for, and a little organic sugar. That's it!  With just TWO ingredients, this bar is craft chocolate indulgence. There is no cacao butter in this bar, for a unique mouthfeel.

Tasting notes: whiskey, caramel, earth, espresso, slate.

  • 80% Artisan  Dark Chocolate
  • Our strongest Dry Aging Whiskey infused flavor
  • Only two ingredients: nibs and organic sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy-free
  • Vegan
  • Direct Trade
  • Organic
cacao, cocoa butter, whiskey,organic sugar