Peppermint Bark 40% White Chocolate 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

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Expected release date is Dec 5th 2022

Peppermint Bark White Dark Chocolate Bar

Two solid layers: 72% dark and 40% Vegan white chocolate flavored with subtle natural peppermint and a candy cane crush sprinkle – for a new depth of holiday nostalgia!

Are you craving it yet? Now for the trickiest treat we've EVER produced. Michael tinkered and toyed until he perfected the day-long process for crafting the white chocolate peppermint bark. So good, but honestly such a pain in the neck we won't be making more. So. It starts with the tempering of the white chocolate, blending it to perfection as mentioned above with a note of natural peppermint. Then it must be chilled to the perfect glaze, the perfect sheen, that moment where it is ready for the thinner top layer of dark. The timing has to be spot on so that the dark neither melts the white too much nor fails to adhere to the base. And this dark chocolate layer of course has to be the ideal temperature as well. Because NEXT comes the sparkle of peppermint crush, which needs to nestle into the still-melty dark top layer and not flake off or sink. Whew. The timing is ridiculous. But don't worry, you will taste all the love, and not the fuss. It's nostalgic, it's new, and it's nearly history. 

Tasting Notes: peppermint, creamy, and sweet

Our cacao is produced using organic farming techniques and roasted daily in Boulder, Colorado.

  • 72% Dark Chocolate/40% non-dairy white
  • Organic
  • Direct Trade
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy-free
  • Vegan