Moksha Chocolate In Person Chocolate Tasting: Game of Four (CO Front Range Only)

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Moksha Chocolate Private Tastings: Game of Four (CO Front Range Only)

Because this is an In-Person Experience, It is Available ONLY in the Colorado Front Range Area.

Looking for the perfect activity for your coworkers, family, or friends? Let Moksha Chocolate take your event to the next level with a single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate tasting. Imagine having the founder of Moksha Chocolate come to your location of choice and host a chocolate tasting experience.  Well, that is exactly what we are offering.  

Where in the world of chocolate have you been?

The Game of Four Experience is a “chocolate bingo” led by our Boulder-based tour guide, featuring four single-origin chocolates from different parts of the world.  You and your guests will sample a mystery square and match it with the expert descriptions provided on our custom mats.  Step by step, the sources are revealed.  In this highly social format, you will learn a great deal about the chocolate process and how origins affect flavor. 

Each guest will receive customized paper mats printed with key tasting notes to match and a tasting guide written to tell more about each chocolate. Meet single-origin chocolates from countries all over the world like Brazil, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador. Each guest will also take home a 90 gram Moksha Chocolate Bar.

Who is this Experience for?

Game of Four is ideal for 5-20 guests. Good clean fun for corporate team building or social occasions with friends or family, our Colorado tasting classes come to you! We reserve the right to cancel the event if we have less than 4 people.  

Are you ready to book or have questions?

Give us a Call at (720) 648-8893 with your questions or your event requests, or email us for more information.  You can also visit our Chocolate Tastings and Experiences page for more details.