White Chocolate Square Sampler

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Love Flight Squares in Raspberry White, Matcha White, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate (2 oz.)

A personal tasting feast, hand-poured and beautifully boxed. Small-batch crafted chocolate sampler from Boulder, Colorado includes:

• 65% cacao semi-sweet dark chocolate, layered and intense and made with organic single source cacao beans.

• Vegan white chocolate made with coconut milk and our minimally-processed cacao butter, a delicate luxury square for the white chocolate enthusiast.

Vegan white chocolate blended with matcha green tea. This healthy and luxurious treat is full of keto and antioxidant benefits, with the faint herbal tang of Japanese matcha.

• Vegan white chocolate blended with organic raspberries and hand-pressed cacao butter with premium organic single source cacao beans.