Moksha Chocolate Private Tasting: Game of Four

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Moksha Chocolate Private Tasting Experience: Game of Four

A private chocolate tasting is a fabulous way to bring your friends together.

You are the guide! Ideal for enthusiasts who would like to create and lead their own event. Each game kit Includes four boxes of nine craft chocolate samples and a mat with tasting clues, plus an easy-to-follow reference for the tasting tour guide. Come play!  You and your guests will sample a single origing chocolate and match it with the expert descriptions provided on our custom mats.  Step by step, the sources are revealed.  In this highly social format, you will learn a great deal about the chocolate process and how origins affect flavor.  You will also receive a general guide for tasting chocolate, making it easy to learn the expert art of savoring the distinct flavor notes in cacao variieties. Prosocial, and nothing but the finest!

Each game kit contains seven ounces total of craft chocolate for up to 9 players.