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This whiskey-forward gift set is a sensational treat for anyone, but if there's a man in your life that likes a spirited sweetie and hitting some new bars on occasion, we've got the package that won't sit around unappreciated.

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Belize bar, 80%
Our deepest bar yet at 80% uses nibs aged in oak bourbon whiskey barrels for three months! The whiskey flavor seeped subtly in the Maya Mopan cacao beans. Notable for only having TWO ingredients: the nibs we've been waiting for, and a little organic sugar. That's it!

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Peruvian Criollo bar, 70%
The heirloom Criollo nibs for this smooth bar had their own whiskey barrel for the last three months as well. Pair and compare with the Maya Mopan bar! These bourbon-aged nibs were churned with a dash of our house-pressed cacao butter for plant-based silkiness.

Whiskey-Soaked Nib Belize bar, 65%
This crunchy bar takes it up several notches with nib chunks that soaked directly in Dry Land Distillers' Antero whiskey for three days. Not just whiskey aroma but the real thing. A bit boozy and bite-y, and in a silken bed with the signature caramel, spice, and earth of our Maya Mopan cacao.

Belize Plain bar, 65%
This bar has the incredible freshness of the new Belize harvest with its very own “taste of a place”. Toasty dark caramel flavors with a roasted espresso finish = a fully satisfying semi-sweet chocolate. There is nothing plain about this chocolate; our tasters find toasted cacao overtones notes of roasted cinnamon and caramel. An intense but approachable dark chocolate, this bar has a perfect snap and silky texture. Fresh cacao butter, organic sugar, and organic cacao — that’s it.