Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar 72% Cacao


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-Bean to Bar Artisan Chocolate-

Deliciously tart raspberry crumbles cover our signature Heirloom Criollo dark chocolate bar for the win! We think the raspberry might just be the best berry to complement the subtle and complex flavors of our Criollo chocolate, and we think you’ll agree after your first bite. We use only the highest quality organic raspberries for this incredible treat.

This chocolate bar is made from the highly prized Criollo cacao variety. The Alto Mayo valley’s original cacao is quite rare, with a taste that is delicate yet complex, with a subtle chocolate flavor.

Our cacao is produced using organic farming techniques and roasted daily in Boulder, Colorado.

Made with thoughtful ingredients: Cacao bean, organic cane sugar, cacao butter, freeze dried raspberries.
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