70% Dark Chocolate Orange Bar

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70% Zorzal Estate Cara Cara bars.

Zorzal Estate cacao is a specialty cacao grown in the Dominican Republic, for a chocolate that delivers a satiny mouthfeel and mild notes of citus and a nutty finish.  The new favorite at the factory, the fresh chocolate from this harvest is making its way into our tasting kits already! Our tasters also pick up a hint of toasted almond in the finish. The even flavor profile is pure pleasure. A wonderfully approachable dark chocolate, it is a perfect mate for the organic Cara Cara orange slices that we preserve in-house and embed in the bars as they cool. 
The Cara Cara orange is known for its low acidity and hints of cherry-berry in the sunny citrus flavor. Enjoy a bit of sparkly crisp texture in the inclusion with no bitterness, balancing well with the even profile of the Zorzal chocolate. Overall, this bar should really please chocolate fans who enjoy a somewhat less intense dark experience, and maintains the exquisite qualities of single-origin artisanal chocolate. It is a beauty to behold and a sweet tropical romance.